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Database of pewterers

If it’s British pewter you are interested in then the Society’s Database of Pewterers can help you to identify the maker of your pewter or find out about a pewterer.

Most of the information about known British and Irish pewterers is brought together into one easily-searchable place. It includes their marks, hallmarks, dates, locations, wares, family trees, published sources and other information. You can make comprehensive searches for names, marks, locations and wares, and extract information about a pewterer.

The Database was created by bringing together information that has been published in numerous sources over the last 100 years. It is now being expanded as a cooperative effort, with new marks and information coming in from members and the public all the time.

It currently has around 6,783 marks and 17,741 pewterers. Compare that with the 2,850 marks and 6,150 pewterers in what had previously been the most comprehensive source available, Old Pewter by H H Cotterell and you will realise the extent of knowledge being developed.

Using the database

This illustrates the main types of search that can be made on the Database of Pewterers.

You can search even if your information is incomplete. For example, if you can only make out two hallmarks in a set of four, you can still search for them, or if you can only make out some letters in a name, you can still search for that combination of letters.

You can combine different kinds of search too. For example, you could search for all pewterers from York , and then search within those results for all York pewterers with the initials R L.

Screenshot fro the database

Download an example record from the society database.

Members only

To access the Database you will need to join the Society.

How to join the society

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